What is Thai Lottery & How does it work

Thai Lottery is the legal gambling in Thailand administered by the Ministry of Finance. The annual budget of the Thai lottery is around 08 million Baht. Thai lottery and horse riding in Bangkok are two types of legal gambling in Thailand. Many peoples are asking that what is thai lottery and how does it work?

The thai lottery is hugely popular amongst thai & gulf country citizens despite the low average winning and payout ratio. If we are comparing the payout ratio of thailand lottery with other worldwide lotteries around the world so it’s so less than in other countries. In spite of that thai lottery is the most popular legal gambling in thailand.

According to the source, around 19 million Thais played the government lottery and spend 67 billion Baht. Thai government properly monitors the lottery and issue license to the connected businessman with thai lottery 123. As you know that the government lottery is administered by the GLO so it’s also the source of state revenue. The GLO prints the thai lottery ticket itself and then sold out to the wholesaler and in the local market.

Thai Lottery History

Thai lottery tickets were issued 1st by the government of King Rama V during 1868-1910. On the occasion of King Rama birthday in 1874 the king granted permission to his royal bodyguard to operate the lottery. After this nomination by king, the lotteries were held until 1933 to make it part of state revenue.

The price of the government lottery started from 1 baht and varied up to 80 baht until 2014. When the Military government took power in 2014 they prioritised lottery reforms and ensured that the price of thai lottery did not exceed 80 Baht.There are many expert sitting around the street and provide Thai lottery free tips.

furthermore, the government made reforms and issue the tickets from GLO offices directly in 2015. Before this reform, the government sold out the ticket to the local registered vendor, and then they sold to citizens in the open market. After this reforming government make progress and its state revenue exceeded. The government’s interest and reforms make the thai lottery famous amongst the thais.

How does it work?

Thai lottery draw is held twice a month on the 1st and 16th of every month. Everyone want to know about the Thai Lottery and how does it work The few steps you need to follow and participate in thai lottery. Purchase your thai lottery ticket from competent authority or directly from GLO. Wait for the draw and check your ticket numbers with announced winning numbers by government officials.

If your numbers match with winning numbers go to the official GLO office with your ID Card / Passport and a lottery ticket. Please show all the necessary information/ documents to the GLO official and wait for confirmation. After confirmation, they will pay you the winning prize after deducting of the applied government tax.

The process to buy the thai lottery is simple and easy. The process to claim the thai lottery is not so complicated but time taking. Be patient and wait for your turn your prize will be given to you.

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