Thailand Lottery Result- Thai Lotto 1-5-2024

Today Thailand Lottery results and the latest winners list with their winning numbers are provided below. There are many lucky will get a huge amount of Thai Baht after winning the Thai lottery. Open your lottery ticket and match it with the winning list given below.

Today Thai Lottery Result 1 May 2024 نتيجة اليانصيب التايلاندية اليوم

Today Thai Lottery Result 16 july 2023نتيجة اليانصيب التايلاندية اليوم

Thai Lottery Result 01 July 2023

Thai Lottery Result 02 May 2023

Thai Lottery Result 16 April 2023 نتيجة اليانصيب التايلاندية اليوم

Thai Lottery Result 01-04-2023 نتيجة اليانصيب التايلاندية اليوم

Thai lottery Result today 16 March 2023

Today latest Thailand lotto result with all winning numbers and amount detail available here .

Thai Lottery Result 16-03-2023
Thai lottery Result 16-03-2023
Thai Lottery Result 16-03-2023
Thai Lottery Result 16-03-2023

Thai Lottery Result 1st March 2023

Check here today latest Thai lotto result with complete winning numbers.

Thailand Lottery Result- Thai Lotto 1-3-2023
Thai Lottery Result Today 1st March 2023
Government lottery result, 4th Prize,there are 50 prizes,4000 baht per prize
Thai Lottery Result Today 1st March 2023
Thai Lottery Result Today 1st March 2023
Thai Lottery Result Today 1st March 2023

The Latest winning prize amount and numbers combination are here in detail. There are many people who like to play the Thailand lottery 1234 and some play 3up so you will know if match 4 numbers or 5 numbers that how much you will get. check the below table.

PrizeNumber of PrizesPayout (Thai Baht)
First Prize16,000,000 Baht
Second Prize5200,000 Baht
Third Prize1080,000 Baht
Fourth Prize5040,000 Baht
Fifth Prize10020,000 Baht
Last Two Digits10,0002000 Baht
Last Three Digits20004000 Baht
First Three Digits20004000 Baht
Special Prize2100,000 Baht

The Thai lottery is a legalized national lottery administered by the Government Lottery Office (GLO). Lottery Draws are held twice, on the 1st and 16th of every month.
After the declaration of Thai lottery results, participants are advised to follow the below-mentioned guidelines to check their lottery status.
For 1st prize, you need to verify all six digits of your ticket, if the numbers match you will get 06 Million Baht.
If your lottery ticket matches the 2nd prize draw number you will get 200,000 Baht.
If your ticket numbers match the draw for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th prizes, you will get 80,000, 40,000, and 20,000 Baht respectively.
After checking your Thai lottery result if you won the prize, we would like to suggest you visit or contact the Thailand Government Lottery Office located at “Govt Lottery Office (Sanambin Nam) 359 Nonthaburi Road, The Sai Amphoe Mueang Nonthaburi, 11000. The guess papers are very helpful and many players use them before buying lottery tickets. There are many famous papers like Thailand Lottery 123, new papers, and many others that show winning guess numbers.

Thailand Lottery Result

Important Information about Thai Lottery:

The Thai lottery will be announced every month on the 1st and 16th with few exceptions.
In January, the lottery will be drawn on the 17th of the month.
May, the lottery will be drawn on the 2nd and 16th of the month.
In December, a lottery will be drawn on the month’s 1st, 16th, and 30th.
The GLO Officially starts live reports at 2:30-4:00 pm on every Thai Lotto draw.

Valuable suggestion for Thai Lottery Lovers:

Everyone desires to be rich and affluent within non-time to fulfill their temporal needs and Thai Lotto is the best source to do so with minimal investment. You can make your dreams a reality if you believe in them and the Thai lotto provides you with this chance. Every year thousands of Thai Nationals and foreigners win it. This lottery is meant to make people rich. With an investment of a few Baht, you get a chance to win millions. Imagine how life-changing it could be. You can fulfill all your goals i.e. one can pursue his dream of a world tour or becoming a businessman. A lot can change and the winner will be a celebrity overnight.
I recommend you invest in the lottery as it’s worth investing and just one lucky draw can turn the tables for you.

Thai Lottery Tips & Tricks:

The lottery is not only a game of fate but legitimate and logical recommendations and tricks by our experts could ensure you the maximum chances of winning the lottery. It’s unequivocal that everyone is keen on the lottery business. Tips and tricks are necessary for the wise decision of choosing a number that could make you a billionaire in a matter of time but sticking to usual lucky numbers, as May participants do, can you all your investment. 
The first and foremost principle for someone who wants to win a lottery is to stick to the game. Apparently, it’s observed that repeated failures left a participant forlorn and he/she drops out. Keep in mind that commitment and dedication are key to success. 

Choosing a number: 
Choose a number with the utmost wisdom. People often behave fanatically and stick themselves to some numbers indicating special dates like birth dates, anniversary dates, age, and so on. This is the spurious way of choosing a number and will limit your chances of winning.

Play with Full zeal and determination and be patient:

It’s often said that slow and steady wins the race. I advise all the participants to keep playing despite a few initial losses. As the Thai lottery 3up is so easy to play and is withdrawn often, it might help you win for one and all. Thai lotto is another valuable platform to win jackpots as many participants did in the past. I advise lottery players to track down the failed lottery numbers as they have higher chances of winning in the next withdrawal. This might help them win the lottery. While choosing a number keep in mind that regular lottery winners go through a lot of research before choosing a number.

Thai Lottery Lucky Draw Generator software:
The expert usually purchases a series of numbers to enhance their percentage of winning but this is an expensive way. I recommend the economical way in which the participant has to use LUCKY NUMBER GENERATOR software. This software guides participants to choose the most appropriate number for the upcoming game based on previous analysis and research. Adding to that, its mathematical calculations proved effective in many cases.

Fake Tickets and how to avoid a scam:
Some sellers are selling fake tickets. It’s easy for a Thailand National to identify a fake ticket from its watermark but a newcomer or a foreigner can easily be misled. I recommend following measures to avoid a scam,

Don’t purchase a ticket from a stranger.
If possible, purchase tickets from a shopkeeper from where the Thailand people are buying. Never buy a ticket if you’re susceptible to its authenticity. The market price of the ticket pair is 80-100 baht. Price above or below 80-100 baht is ambiguous. Never purchase a ticket from that person.
Useful information / Conclusion :
Anyone either a citizen of Thailand or a foreigner can participate in the lottery. It’s plausible to know that banks are demanding no rewards. For the sake of the convenience of players, the Government uploads results immediately after withdrawal, and participants can check the results on our website and GLO official website.


Q: What is the Thailand lottery?
Ans: The Thailand lottery is a legalized national lottery administered by the Government Lottery Office (GLO). Lottery Draws are held twice, on the 1st and 16th of every month.

Q: How to purchase the Thailand lottery online?
Ans: To facilitate citizens to buy tickets online. The Thai Govt. launched an application named “Krungthai Next”. If you want to play the Thai lottery via mobile phone, you can create an online account by using the below-given link. You can also buy Thai lotto tickets from GLO directly.

Q: How much is a lottery ticket in Thailand?
Ans: keeping in view that lottery tickets can only be purchased in pairs i.e. the price is 80 Baht for ticket pairs.

Q: How do I claim the Thailand lotto?
Ans: Do not lose your ticket and bring it up with you before visiting GLO to claim the winning lottery. Keep your passport if you’re a foreigner and a Thai ID card if you’re a national of Thailand.

Q: Can a foreigner win the lottery in Thailand?
Ans: Yes, if you’re present or doing a job in Thailand, you can purchase the Thai lottery. With an investment of a few Baht, you get a chance to win millions. Imagine how life-changing it could be.

Q: What is the maximum duration to claim prize money from the Lottery?
Ans: The winner has been provided with the Legal right to claim prize money within 10 years from the lottery. If it is past due, it will be automatically remitted to state revenue.

Q: How much withholding tax government cut on the prize money?
Ans: The Government Lottery Office will deduct a tax of 1 Baht for every 200 Baht i.e. 0.05% on the Thai Lottery.

Q: How To win Thai lottery?
you need to buy more tickets and check guess papers like magazine papers before buying the ticket for the latest draw.

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