How to Buy Thailand Lottery Ticket? 2024

Everyone desires to be rich within no time and investment to maintain their life style and Thai lottery is the best option to do so with limited source of investment. Furthermore, both, the nationals of Thailand, and the foreigners should be 20 years of age to take part in government Lottery.

Government sell all the tickets to the national wholesaler for 80 baht, keeping in view that lottery tickets can only be purchased in pairs i.e. price 80 Baht for ticket pair. 

How to buy Thailand Lottery Ticket

The National wholesalers sell these tickets to local agents who in turn sell the tickets effectively to common citizens at public places i.e. shopping malls and streets, for 120 – 130 Baht normally. They also offer some lucky numbers which in their opinions, are more likely to win an upcoming draw.

To facilitate citizens to buy tickets online. Thai Govt. launched an application named “Krungthai Next”. If you want to play Thai lottery via mobile phone, you can play.There are many bank branches are set up nationwide that operate from 7.30 – 12:00.Resident of Thailand can avail of the lottery online via this app by fulfilling some requirements there in the application. The purchased lottery would be delivered to the given address via Thailand postal service.

According to my research and review, a lot of people are affected by fraud and scams in the market while getting tickets. I would recommend you to visit trustworthy or reputed local agents and national wholesaler shops for getting the lottery ticket.

There are also many local agents standing outside the market who are trying to charge you more while selling lottery tickets. They are violating the national rules. In case of being overcharged by any local agent, which is against national rules and regulations anyone can complain by calling on 02-3451466 or can raise a complaint on the official website of GLO. 

How to claim Thai Lotto?

Please follow the below-given detail for a smooth process to claim the Thailand winning lottery.
Do not lose your ticket and bring it up with you before visiting GLO to claim the winning lottery.
Keep your passport if you’re a foreigner and a Thai ID card if you’re a national of Thailand.
One thing to keep in mind by prize is that, they have to pay certain amount of withholding tax on prize money which is 0.05% on Thai Lottery result. Government Lottery Office will deduct a tax of 1 Baht for every 200 Baht. Thai Government insists about the revenue and division that is allocated to different lotteries.
Winner has been provided with the Legal right to claim for prize money within 10 years from lottery. If it is past due, it would be automatically remitted to state revenu

What is Thailand Lottery & How to win it?

Thailand lottery is legalised type of gambling administered by Government Lottery Office (GLO). Lottery Draws are held twice in a month. There are two types of lottery are available in Thai market, the first one is TGL (Thai Government Lottery) and the 2nd is TCL (Thai Charity Lottery).Thai Lotto and Horse Riding in Bangkok is legalised gambling in Thailand.

Thailand lottery is not only legalised in Thailand, the people of Saudi and Kuwait are also participant in this lottery. Thai lottery is related to their citizens so it’s also the source of state revenue. According to government figures around 19-20 million citizens out of 67 million are participate in Thailand lottery and spend 76 billion baht in state revenue.This lottery has a history and helpful for their country.

Thai lotto is luck base game and depend upon your luck but we will guide you how you can increase your winning chance. You need you buy more then 2-3 tickets with different numbers and try to get your lucky numbers. There are many guess papers which is also very helpful to choose wining numbers like Thai lottery 1234, 3up, formula, 2up and golden lucky numbers.

There are many winners who shared about the winning numbers and formula. If you follow these steps, i hope you will win latest Thailand lottery draw.

How To choose winning numbers & Play Thailand Lotto?

You can play Thailand lottery through Thai lotto ticket, you need to buy ticket that will be your entry in Thai lotto draw. The draw is held biweekly and if your tickets numbers match with the winning numbers, you will be winners. You can check prize detail of match numbers on this page.

You can get tickets with different pairs like 4467, 2nd change with 4647 so hereby you will have different number’s tickets and combination of pairs that will increase the chance to matches some numbers with wining numbers.

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